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The Yorkshire Artist

It is with great pride that we introduce to you the work of Ashley Jackson, the Yorkshire Artist. His range of prints featured within our site, exclusive to Welcome to Yorkshire, clearly illustrates his passion for our glorious county.

Acclaimed as being the ‘Turner of the 21st Century’ Ashley Jackson’s dynamic and brooding landscapes capture the atmospheric skies of the Yorkshire Moorland. Synonymous with Yorkshire his paintings are transcripts of Mother Nature’s Love letters revealing the relationship between the man and his mistress

"To capture the landscapes and seascapes of the earth and more particular, Yorkshire has been my vocation since I was nine years old. I look upon it as a calling and so treat it with the reverence it deserves. I have strived throughout my life to witness and portray every mood swing of nature as she takes a stand against all that the elements throw at her, whether that be rain, wind, snow or fire”.

"I have felt challenged by Mother Nature but I have never been daunted by the scale of what I wish to capture in my paintings, in fact the greater the emotional feeling the more your senses are heightened - it then becomes a joy to paint as the connection has been made between artist and landscape. I have also painted on extremely sad days when the moor has provided me with solitude and this too has been captured in the painting".
Known as ‘The People’s Artist’ Ashley Jackson’s down to earth attitude to art as well as his talent, is appreciated the world over. His works have been exhibited worldwide and adorn the walls of many successful and famous people; from politicians to actors and from Tsars to Princes.

In 1996 Jackson was presented with the award of Yorkshire Arts and Entertainment Personality of the Year for his commitment, promotion and encouragement of art. Whilst in 2006 he was honoured with their Lifetime Achievement award. Further awards of Yorkshire Icon and Yorkshire man of the year have since been bestowed on the artist. As an adopted Yorkshire man he is extremely proud to have received such honours from his peers.

It may seem that accolades have been bestowed only by fellow Yorkshire men; however, should you search further you will find one man exhibitions at The Mall Galleries, Milan, United States of America, and Spain where he has exhibited alongside Picasso, Dali and Miro.

The Freedom of the City of London was granted in 2005. Whilst 2013 will see Jackson honoured with a University Doctorate from the University of Huddersfield for his lifelong commitment to the Arts.

Jackson is extremely well known through his television work where his easy informative style has served to communicate both the technique and joy of landscape painting to tens of thousands of people. To the viewer it was and still is art at its most accessible, genuine art created by someone staying close to nature.

His books of which there have been 10 have been extremely well received, none more so than, “My Yorkshire Sketch Book" written to celebrate the beauty of many of the Yorkshire Moors and Dales that he has sketched throughout his 50 years in the profession as an artist.

"I hope that when you look at my paintings you might also feel a connection to imagine the wet marsh land beneath your feet, the impending storm clouds gathering and the wind in your face for this is what I wish to convey through the watercolour landscape".

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The Lion Blakey Ridge

Blakey Ridge with the Lion in the background is a favourite stop over for Hiker’s doing the lyke wake walk. Way upon the ancient burial grounds these druid stones stand, like fingers piercing the sky, telling you I told you so.

Power and the Passion

Turner is the master of all skies; I look for the light as Turner did and most of all I look for my mistress on the Moor. Working in the Great Cathedral of the open air, I try to capture the echoes in the sky, looking through a tunnel to focus the eye moving within the painting.

Earth to Earth – Pathway of Life

I felt a surge of power and passion as I stood on Langsett moor, a feeling that I seldom feel in life. It was as if somebody was trying to say something, not just to me but to all human beings. There was a light I could not explain but which draws your eye to its very centre. The pathway seemed to map out life’s journey in to the unknown.

Blue Heaven

Painting in the Great Cathedral of the open air and seeing abstract windows in the sky, making patterns as it moves along is one of the most inner feelings in the soul of man.